70+ Contoh Soal (Terbaru) Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX Dilengkapi Kunci Jawaban

Bahasa Inggris | Pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan membagikan kumpulan contoh soal pilihan ganda bahasa Inggris kelas 9 terbaru semester 1. Semoga apa yang admin bagikan kali ini dapat membantu anak didik dalam mencari referensi tentang kumpulan contoh soal pilihan ganda bahasa Inggris kelas 9 terbaru. Adapun contoh soalnya bisa kalian di bawah ini!

70+ Contoh Soal (Terbaru) Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX Dilengkapi Kunci Jawaban
1. What can we learn from the story?
A. when living near the river, we should be good at swimming.
B. we must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
C. we must take care of our belongings
D. we should not get angry easily
2. What happened to Tan Bun An and Siti Fatimah at the end of story?
A. they were married and lived happily ever aftef
B. they went to China and lived there
C. they died of a strange disease
D. they were married and lived happily ever after
3. What happened when Tan Bun An was swimming and diving in the river?
A. he succeeded in bringing all the vegetables and fruits back onto the ship
B. he found a lot of jewelry at the bottom of the river
C. he became very tired and weak
D. a big fish attacked him
4. How did Tan Bun feel when he learnt of his mistake?
A. overjoyed
B. exhausted
C. regretful
D. grateful
5. Where did Tan Bun An's parents put the jewellery and gold?
A. inside the vegetables and fruits
B. at the bottom of the ship
C. in the middle of the river
D. inside the ceramics
6. What did Tan Bun An do with the vegetables and fruits? 
A. he gave them to Siti Fatimah's parents
B. he sold them to get gold and jewellery
C. he threw them into the river
D. he kept them on th ship
7. Why was Tan Bun An very upset he saw what was on the ship?
A. some of the vegetables and fruits were already rotten
B. he expected the gift to be ceramics and jewellery
C. the vegetables and fruits were too fe
D. he didn't like vegetables and fruits
8. Tan Bun An asked his men to return to China to tell the news and ....
A. to prepare a wedding party in China
B. to ask for some gifts from his parents
C. to ask his parents to come to Palembang
D. to prepare a lot of soldiers to guard wedding party
9. Siti Fatimah's parents ... the proposal.
A. accepted
B. dropped
C. rejected
D. refused
10. Tan Bun An was in Palembang for ....
A. trading
B. studying
C. traveling on a city tour
D. introducing Chinese traditions
11. Deni is ....
A. a new teacher
B. a new student
C. a teacher
D. a librarian
12. Deni meets Hari in .... 
A. the classroom
B. the library
C. the yard
D. the canteen
13. Are they classmates? 
A. yes, they are
B. no, they ae not
C. yes, they are not
D. no, they are
14. Sigit : I have to go now. Nice to meet you, Sri.
Sri : ...... Sigit.
A. bye
B. how do you do?
C. nice to meet you, too
D. pleased to meet you
15. Nicky : I'm going to sleep now.
Stuart : OK. .....
A. good night
B. goodbye
C. bye
D. good evening
16. It ... a fish.
A. is
B. am
C. are
D. go
17. The boys ... reading.
A. is
B. am
C. are
D. sit
18. Something you can find in your classroom is a ....
A. radio
B. pillow
C. stove 
D. blackboard
19. ... is sitting on a beach.
A. a man
B. a men
C. man
D. men
20. The woman is a teacher. The plural form of the sentence is ....
A. the woman are teachers
B. the woman is a teachers
C. the women are teachers
D. the women are teachers
21. I don't have ... sugar.
A. some
B. any
C. and
D. the
22. Is there ... book in your bag?
A. some
B. and
C. but
D. a
23. Do you have ... coffee?
A. some
B. any
C. and
D. the
24. Rima : I want to go to the library.
Anto : .... Rima : Why?
Anto : The library is closed until Saturday.
A. stand up, please
B. don't go there
C. sit down
D. don't smoke
25. Fitra : What is Eka doing?
Linda : He (study) English.
A. he studying English
B. he studies English
C. he is studying English
D. he study English
26. Wulan : What is Susan doing?
Citra : She (cook) fried rice.
A. she is cooking fried rice
B. she cooks fried rice
C. she cooking fried rice
D. she is cooks fried rice
27. ... Betty working in the post office?
A. is
B. am
C. are
D. do
28. ... you coming here?
A. is
B. am
C. are
D. do
29. Rima : Thank you for your attention
Anto : ....
A. you are welcome
B. I am very sorry
C. please excuse me
D. thanks
30. Ranti : I'm sorry, I broke your ruler.
Angga : ....
A. thank you
B. never mind
C. please excuse me
D. your are welcome
31. Rono : I apologize for my mistake
Ami : ....
A. thank you
B. my pleasure
C. it doesn't matter
D. you are welcome
32. How many chilren ... in your family?
A. there is
B. are there
C. is there
D. are there
33. Teacher : Rika, close the door, please.
Rika : ....
A. thank you
B. yes, Ma'am
C. no problem
D. never mind
34. It is a ... painting.
A. beaitiful
B. beautifully
C. cruel
D. unusual
35. Sigit : I'm sorry for not calling you.
Sri : ....
A. that's OK
B. any time
C. you're welcome
D. sure
36. Female manta rays produce ... baby/babies at a time.
A. one
B. two
C. ten
D. many
37. Manta rays breed by ...
A. laying eggs
B. giving birth
C. crossbreeding
D. hermaphroditism
38. Manta rays are considered to be mature when their ... reach about four meters.
A. wingspans
B. lengths
C. bodies
D. tails
39. Manta rays' diet is ....
A. small fish and shrimps
B. plankton and shrimps
C. plankton and crabs 
D. shimps and crabs
40. Mature manta rays usually travel ....
A. alone
B. in pairs
C. in packs
D. in groups
41. Manta rays are ....
A. the largest fish
B. fish with wings
C. fish with a long snout
D. the largest member of the ray family
42. When swimming, manta rays ....
A. use their wings to
B. move forward and backward
C. propel themselves above water
D. flap their huge pectoral fins up and down
43. Manta rays live in ....
A. the Indian Ocean
B. the North Pole
C. warm oceans
D. cold water 
44. Where can students hear this announcement?
A. in a fitness center
B. in a park
C. in a hospital
D. at school
45. Where should students go?
A. to the school
B. to the school yard
C. to the school field
D. to the backyard
46. Why should students go there?
A. they will start gym lessons
B. they will start their class
C. they will join a contest
D. they will study there
This text is for questions 47 to 51.
Attention, please Leadership is very important, especially for younger generations. You should be ready to be a leader. To improve your leadership skills, you will have leadership training on Saturday at two p.m. If you're interested, please enrol will the chief of the committee, Danny. Thank you.
47. What is the announcement about?
A. leadership
B. leadership training
C. young generations
D. the importance of leadership
48. What is the purpose of the event?
A. to choose a leader
B. to choose an OSIS chairperson
C. to increase students' leadership
D. to increase students' ability and skills
49. When will the event be held?
A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon
C. in the evening
D. at night
50. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. younger generations should be ready to be leaders
B. the training will be held on Saturday
C. Danny is the chief of the committee
D. the training is for teachers
51. "Leadership is very important, ...." What is a synonym of 'important'?
A. significant
B. useless
C. strong
D. useful
This text is for questions 52 to 55.
Attention, please. Do you have talent in arts or other areas? If you do, join in the Talent Show Night at our school. Iit will be held next month, so you still have time to prepare for it. Enrol with ms. Nadine. Thank you.
52. What is the announcement about?
A. students' talent
B. students' preparation for a performance
C. an invitation to participate in the Talent Show Night at school
D. an invitation to participate in the School Anniversary Celebration Night
53. How long do the students have, to prepare themselves for the event?
A. one week
B. one month
C. two months
D. three months

54. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
A. the show will be held after school
B. the announcement is presented by a student
C. the participants don't have enough time to prepare for the show
D. the students who are interested must enrol with Ms. Nadine.

55. "If you do, join the Talent Show Night ...." What is the synonym of 'join'?
A. enrol
B. exit
C. end
D. envy

This text is for questions 58 to 59.
Attention, please. Our school is giving you an opportunity to participate in the student exchange program. If you're interested, please enrol with your class teacher first. You will have a selection test. Thank you.

56. What is the annoucement about?
A. the students' participation in learning processes
B. an opportunity to join some extracurricular clubs
C. an apportunity to join the student exchange program
D. the students' participation in many courses 

57. Who may listen to the announcement?
A. the teachers
B. the students
C. the principal
D. the school staff

58. What should students do to participate?
A. do a selection test
B. open a website
C. tell the principal
D. the school staff

59. ".... please enrol with your class teacher first." What other word is similar to 'enrol'?
A. participate
B. prepare
C. register
D. gather

This text is for questions 60 to 64.
Attention, please To preserve our inheritance, our school will hold a contest or traditional dances next month. Remember, you must perform traditional Indonesian dances only. For further information, please contact Wildan, OSIS chairperson. Thank you.

60. What contest will the school hold next month?
A. traditional dances
B. traditional costumes
C. traditional culture
D. a local language speech

61. Why will the school hold such an event?
A. to increase students' pride
B. to improve students' awareness
C. to preserve our inheritance
D. to preserve our country

62. Who is Wildan? 
A. the chief of the committee
B. the class captain
C. the school staff member
D. the OSIS chairperson

63. The following statements are TRUE according to the annoucement, EXCEPT ....
A. the contest will be held next month
B. the students may perform Javanese dances
C. the students may perform western dances in the contest
D. it the students want to get more information, they can contact the OSIS chairperson.

64. "..., traditional Indonesian dances only." What is the antonym of 'traditional'?
A. antique
B. modern
C. ancient
D. old

This text is for questions 65 to 68.
Attention, please. You will have a semester test in two months time. We wish you all succes. The teachers will provide you with extra classes after school. For further information, please ask your class teacher. Thank you.

65. The teachers will provide the students with extra classes because ....
A. the students are going to do a semester test
B. the students have got bad marks
C. the teachers need more time to finish the materials
D. the students will have a contest

66. When will the extra classes be held?
A. at dawn
B. in the morning
C. in the afternoon
D. at dusk

67. When will the semester test be?
A. next week
B. this month
C. next month
D. next two months

68. "You will have a semester test in two months time." Who does 'you' refer to?
A. the teachers
B. the students
C. the school staff members
D. the librarians

This text is for questions 69 and 70.
Attention, please. The Departement of Education staff will visit our school at ten, tomorrow morning. Please welcome them at the school hall. They will advise you on how to study effectively. They will also observe the teaching and learning processes in our school. Thank you.

69. When will the Departement of Education staff come?
A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon
C. in the evening
D. at night

70. The following are what the staff will do at the school, EXCEPT ....
A. advise the students on how to study well
B. observe the the teaching process at school
C. check the teachers and students' activities
D. observe the learning processs at school